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    Windows 8

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    January 30, 2022

  • "The #2 most used free internet browser worldwide"

Although it isn’t the default internet program on PCs, Firefox is fully compatible with Windows computers. As a matter of fact, it was created specifically as an alternative to Internet Explorer, which used to be only option for PC users. Nowadays, IE is hardly even used anymore, largely because of Mozilla Firefox. Firefox was, and still is, a much more powerful web browser with more options for personalization. The Mozilla organization is committed to constant innovation to continuously introduce unique and special features.

This browser offers users everything they need, from basic web surfing and downloading, to programming and game development. It has many advanced options that are great for web developers. Plus, it can be improved and customized with themes and plugins, which can all be found in Firefox’s “add-ons” section. Because it’s an open source program, the community is free to build new tools to work with it.

You even have the option of creating a Firefox account, so that you can sync your history, favorites, etc. across multiple devices.

On the downside, Firefox could stand to improve its resource consumption. Although this latest version is lighter and more efficient than older ones, there is still a ways to go.